16th weekly post, slice and map. Also, Jest.

Items of the week

  1. JavaScript — the array .slice() method accepts negative index, thus it is possible to extract the last element with .slice(0, -1). More details available on MDN Web Docs.
  2. JavaScript — it is common to see objects being used as maps but there are quite a number of differences in using an actual Map, such as using any types as keys instead of just string. MDN Web Docs has a good comparison table on this.
  3. Jest — ESM support is still experimental at the moment as mentioned in the official documentation page.

Note of the week

On the week 43 of 2021, we saw that the news of the upcoming Firefox 94 switching from GLX to EGL, this should translate to better WebGL performance for Linux users. That’s all for this week’s post, I must admit this week’s post was a bit more rushed than usual, still, thank you for reading and if you have got any feedback, do let me know by leaving a comment. Have a nice day!




Into web app development, UX, and Kopi-O.

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Into web app development, UX, and Kopi-O.

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